solo exhibition

Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken

June - September 2020

solo exhibition


STAMPA Galerie Basel

6 September - 26 Oktober 2019

Landscape 16 | 2019 | analog collage on canvas | 240 x 480 cm | three parts | detail

group exhibition

Histories of our time. On Collective and Personal Narratives

Kunsthaus Baselland

13 September – 10 November 2019

Opening: Thursday 12 September, 6.30 pm

What conditions our understanding of history? And what defines our memories of our own lives? Individual and collective stories are the basis on which we connect with the world and understand it, and at the same time they generate knowledge, no matter how fragmented and patchy this individual knowledge often seems. At the core of this exhibition are different artistic stories, narratives and engagements with (art) history as forms of gaining understanding. The exhibition is realised in collaboration with Culturescapes, among others.

Landscape 14 | 2017-18 | analog collage on canvas | 300 x 465 cm | three parts